The first full-range of Zero Sugar, half the calorie wines. SLIM Super Sparkling, SLIM Super Pink Sparkling, SLIM Really Red & SLIM Crisp White.

Why SlimLineWine?


15,000 people like SlimLineWine, the first full-range of Zero sugar wines


SLIM from SlimLineWine is a lifestyle choice, the first time you have had the choice, to drink as healthily as you can without losing flavour and pure enjoyment.


SLIM is for those that watch their health and weight as a part of their every day, for those that can't take sugar, for those that have chosen to give up sugar, and of course, those that want 'Just Wine - No Sugar.


There are over four million of us just here in the UK, so tell a friend and join the 'I'm SlimLineWine world today'.


'We're SlimLineWine'


Super Pink Sparkling

Super Sparkling

SlimLineWine - It's what you've been waiting for...