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All our wines are 0.g Sugar 0.g Carbs 0.g Fat 0.g Saturates 80% less sulphites and registered with the vegan society. The wines are all 11%ABV 60Kal/251 KJ per 100ml with the exception of our best selling Rosé 500 which is 12%ABV and 67Kcal per 100ml.

Our estate-grown wines embody the vibrant charm and complexity of our vineyard, exhibiting the balance and elegance indicative of this unique terroir. We’ve developed an exclusive range of zero sugar and zero carb wines that delight the community of wine lovers all over the world. Our Winery and our Vineyards are special, very special.

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0.g Sugar 0.g Carbs 0.g Fat 0.g Saturates 11%ABV 60KJ/251 Kcal

Our wines are made at two vineyards, one in the Piedmont region of Italy, close to the dramatic mountains of the Alps. This is where our red and white wine is made. The second vineyard is in the heart of the Prosecco region which in 2019 became a Unesco world heritage site and is a stone’s throw from Conegliano in the sloping hills. Here we produce our sparkling white, pink and rosé wines. 

SLIM is Real Wine, made by Great Winemakers, without compromise. It might be difficult to believe there’s such a thing as guilt-free and great tasting wine, but SlimLine Wine is the real deal. 0.g sugar, 0.g carbs wines that don’t ever compromise on flavour or quality, offering you a great way to enjoy your favourite wine safe in the knowledge it’s low calorie, natural and great tasting!  

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Great wines are at the mercy of nature, only when all elements of Sun, Wind, Water, Soil, and Snow come together can you produce such flavoursome grapes that are lower in alcohol and sugar. Our World Heritage Vineyards are just such a place.
We set out to create a great tasting, 0g sugar wine and we’ve created one that not only delivers but has been awarded for its taste against thousands of other wines. We’ve declared war on sugar and with our delicious wine range, we are changing the story of how wine is produced and enjoyed. We’ve already saved our customers over 2000 kilos of sugar. Come join us and discover the benefits of SL’M.