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About Us


UK’s First Sugar Free

Range of Wines

Slimline Wines (SLW) created a range of lower calorie, but still great tasting wines that are standard strength alcohol, designed for todays fun but healthier lifestyles.  

SLW was the first company to create sugar free wines. They were introduced to the UK market in 2018 and over the last 4 years we have partnered with two family owned wineries to perfect the taste of the wines whilst safeguarding the nutritional content. They are located in the:

  • Asti Hills, Piedmont in North West Italy.
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site of Prosecco DOCG in North East Italy.
  • All our wines are Vegan Friendly and great for Atkins, Weight Watchers, Keto, Slimming World Diets.
One of our wineries are now fully sustainable and have been given the prestigious Equalitas certification by the Italian governing body Valoritalia. 
We know we have something special. Why not try for yourself and see why our customers come back for more and join the SLW family.


SLW Facts


SLW are standard alcohol content wines that are Sugar Free, Carb Free, Fat Free, Salt Free and have around 50% less sulphites and calories of most regular wines. We’re also Vegan approved. 

SLW wines are made from the best quality grapes using traditional techniques. However, our fermentation process uses carefully selected natural yeasts to convert all the natural sugars into alcohol to produce great tasting wines without sugar or carbohydrates which are also lower in calories than standard wines. 

More than ever we believe that customers are more conscious of what they’re putting into their bodies and that wine manufacturers should put on the label the nutritional facts similar to food packaging.  

SLW was not only the first producer of zero sugar wines but also the first to display the nutritional content on the bottle rear labels, helping you make a better informed decision to buy normal alcohol wine whilst reducing your sugar intake naturally with wine that doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners. 

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