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The story of SL’M wines begins at two vineyards, one in the Piedmont region of Italy, close to the dramatic mountains of the Alps. This is where our red and white wine is made. The second vineyard is in the heart of the Prosecco region which in 2019 became a Unesco world heritage site and is a stone’s throw from Conegliano in the sloping hills. Here we produce our sparkling white, pink and rosé wines. 

We set out to create a great tasting, 0g sugar wine and we’ve created one that not only delivers but has been awarded for its taste against thousands of other wines.

About our wine


We wanted to create a great-tasting wine with less sugar than other wines. Our wines have 0g sugar, are carb-free, and contain fewer than 500 calories a bottle. Our wines taste so good because we use natural ingredients with 80% less sulphites. We’re also Vegan Society approved. 

The magic in our wine happens because we’re able to turn all the natural sugars into alcohol with our special yeast. 

Our wines are 11% ABV (the rosé is slightly higher at 12% ABV). It’s the environmental conditions, especially the soil and climate where our grapes are grown that give our wine its unique flavour and aroma. This is known as the region’s terroir.


The world’s first low-calorie, carb-free, sugar-free wine was met with such wild excitement, you’d think they’d discovered the Holy Grail rather than a PERFECTLY DRINKABLE red, white and fizz. 

Celebrating over 1,000,000 glasses of SL'M have now been enjoyed—
join us in the sugar revolution!