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SL’M Super Sparkling Pink Case


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Italian Sparkling Rose’ Wine
Slim Wine is made for the way we want to live today, healthier, happier but without compromise on quality, flavour or strength. Slim is a delicious Wine made by great Winemakers. In every bottle, you find the passions that we dedicate to the cultivation of our grapes. Slim ‘Pure Class in a Glass’
Wine of Italy Zero sugar
Pack size: 75cl
Zero sugar
A pure blend of single-vineyard Chardonnay, Pinot and aged Barbera. A light refreshing flavour with a subtle nose of tropical berries
Vinification Details

SLIM is for the way we want to live today, better, healthier but without compromise on flavour or quality. SLIM is made from Grand Grapes (Pinot & Chardonnay) and is the first full-range of Zero Sugar, Zero Carbs wine.


SLIM is made at our own Chateau Zero, a magical place where we create real wine, by real winemakers, and all our wines can be traced back to their roots literally. SLIM is Pure class in a Glass without the elements we don’t want or need today, Sugar & Carbs.

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